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Range of products

Staying Accident-Free Everywhere

Over the years victory gas alarm company has redefined the word SAFE as 'Staying Accident-Free Everywhere'


    Victory Gas Alarm Company manufactures a wide range of Gas Detector systems to be readily used in several arenas - both household and industrial.Devised on unique and innovative technological platforms these products will detect the slightest presence of extremely harmful gases and immediately set off a built in alarm. It can be prevent gas poisoning or explosion.Some gadgets even provide visual alarm and are very user friendly as well as portable(Hand Held variations). VIEW PRODUCTS


    Victory Gas Alarm Company has been providing the most accurate alcohol breath analysers that reliable identifies alcohol impaired drivers. The breath alcohol detectors reliably identifies alcohol impaired drivers and quick measurement of the alcohol level in breath by highly sensitive fuel sensors thus preventing road/rail/industrial mishaps and loss of life.The compact size and light weight makes it perfectly portable and re-chargeable battery helps to carry it anywhere. VIEW PRODUCTS


    Victory gas alarm manufactures the automatic fire detection & alarm system. The system is conventional type. It is also analogue addressable microprocessor based. Victory series fire alarm control are designed for use in premises requiring automatic and manual fire detection. Fire alarm control are designed for automatic & manual fire detection alarm control panel has sounder circuits with total evacuation switch. It can be use at bank, hotels, market complex, high rise building theatre, factories, go downs, warehouses, shops, railways, ships, diagnostics centers, record rooms. VIEW PRODUCTS


    The digital moisture meter indicates the moisture reading directly in percentage of the contents in food grains, tea, wood, chemical etc. The principal followed in controlling this vital element of moisture is by measuring changes in the electrical properties of the sensing material due to interaction with water molecules. The product apply in tea, timber, dried leaves, sugar, chemical, paper, yarn, jute, textiles, fur, powered milk, tobacco, coffee, fibers, ayurvedic etc. VIEW PRODUCTS